Northern Storm-Petrels (Hydrobatidae)

  title={Northern Storm-Petrels (Hydrobatidae)},
  author={David W. Winkler and Shawn M. Billerman and Irby J. Lovette},
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Skull anatomy of Wilson’s storm-petrel Oceanites oceanicus (Hydrobatidae, Procellariiformes)

Comparative analysis of the cranium and mandible shows that adult specimens of O. oceanicus have a globose and completely fused cranium without visible sutures, and a short beak, as in other storm-petrels.

Breeding Phenology, Distribution and Conservation Status of Markham's Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma markhami in the Atacama Desert

Markham's Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma markhami is one of the least known seabirds in the world. Between 2013 and 2017, we conducted an extensive ground based survey to locate nests, confirm nesting