North American Climate in CMIP 5 Experiments : Part III : Assessment of Twenty-First-Century Projections *

  title={North American Climate in CMIP 5 Experiments : Part III : Assessment of Twenty-First-Century Projections *},
  author={Eric D. Maloney and Suzana J. Camargo and Edmund Chang and Brian A. Colle and Fengjuan Rong and KERRIE L. GEIL and Hao⁃bo Qi and Xianan Jiang and Nathaniel N Johnson and Kristopher b. Karnauskas and James L. Kinter and Benjamin Kirtman and Sanjiv Kumar and Baird Langenbrunner and Kristie Lombardo and Lester C. Long and Annarita Mariotti and Joyce E. Meyerson and MO KINGTSEC. and J David Neelin and Zaitao Pan and Richard Seager and Yolande L. Serra and A. Seth and Justin Sheffield and Julienne C. Stroeve and JEANNE THIBEAULT and Shang-Ping Xie and Chunzai Wang and Bruce L. Wyman and MING ZHAOw},
In part III of a three-part study onNorthAmerican climate inphase 5 of theCoupledModel IntercomparisonProject (CMIP5)models, the authors examine projections of twenty-first-century climate in the representative concentration pathway 8.5 (RCP8.5) emission experiments. This paper summarizes and synthesizes results from several coordinated studies by the authors. Aspects of North American climate change that are examined include changes in continental-scale temperature and the hydrologic cycle… CONTINUE READING


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