North African and Omani Ibâḍî Accounts of the Munâẓâra: A Preliminary Comparison

  title={North African and Omani Ib{\^a}ḍ{\^i} Accounts of the Mun{\^a}ẓ{\^a}ra: A Preliminary Comparison},
  author={Adam R. Gaiser},
This chapter compares Western/North African and Eastern/Omani Ibâḍi accounts of the munâẓara (debate) that took place at Ḥarurâ’ before the Battle of Nahrawân to reveal two similar yet distinct traditions. A further comparison with non-Ibâḍi (i.e. al-Ṭabari, al-Balâdhuri, al-Baghdâdi, etc.) versions of the debate shows that it is the Western/North African tradition that shares certain features and narrative structures with non-Ibâḍi accounts. The key to understanding these particular textual… Expand


Ibāḍi Ḥadīth: an Essay on Normalization.
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