Norovirus in Captive Lion Cub (Panthera leo)

  title={Norovirus in Captive Lion Cub (Panthera leo)},
  author={Vito Martella and Marco Campolo and Eleonora Lorusso and Paolo Cavicchio and Michele Camero and Anna Lucia Bellacicco and Nicola Decaro and G Elia and Grazia Greco and Marialaura Corrente and Costantina Desario and Serenella Arista and K B{\'a}nyai and Marion P G Koopmans and Canio Buonavoglia},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
African lions (Panthera leo) are susceptible to viral diseases of domestic carnivores, including feline calici-virus infection. We report the identification of a novel enteric calicivirus, genetically related to human noroviruses of genogroup IV, in a lion cub that died of severe hemorrhagic enteritis.