Norovirus gastroenteritis among children in Iraqi Kurdistan.

  title={Norovirus gastroenteritis among children in Iraqi Kurdistan.},
  author={Manar Najim Al-Mashhadani and Osamu Nakagomi and Winifred Dove and Herish Ahmed and Toyoko Nakagomi and C. Anthony Hart and Nigel A. Cunliffe},
  journal={Journal of medical virology},
  volume={80 3},
Of 260 children under age 5 years who were hospitalized with acute gastroenteritis in Kurdistan, Iraq, between April and May 2005, 78 (30%) tested positive for norovirus by RT-PCR. These comprised genogroups GI (23%), GII (74%) and GI + GII (3%). Among 28 noroviruses sequenced, GII/4 was the predominant genotype.