Norovirus and sapovirus infections in Thailand.

  title={Norovirus and sapovirus infections in Thailand.},
  author={Ratigorn Guntapong and Grant S Hansman and Tomoichiro Oka and Satoko Ogawa and Tsutomu Kageyama and Yaowapa Pongsuwanna and Kazuhiko Katayama},
  journal={Japanese journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={57 6},
Stool specimens collected between November 2002 and April 2003 from hospitalized infants with acute gastroenteritis from four distinct geographical regions in Thailand were examined for norovirus (NoV) and sapovirus (SaV) by reverse transcription-PCR and sequence analysis. Of the 80 specimens examined, we identified 11 NoV and 9 SaV single infections, and 3 NoV/SaV mixed infections. The majority of NoV strains (64%) belonged to genogroup II/ genotype 4 (GII/4; Lordsdale cluster). Other NoV… CONTINUE READING
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