Normative data for the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale.


Age-adjusted normative data are presented for persons over age 55 on the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale. Additional adjustment for the effect of education on test performance is also provided. These data were collected as part of Mayo's Older Americans Normative Studies (MOANS) in a continuing effort to develop age-appropriate norms for older persons on… (More)


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@article{Lucas1998NormativeDF, title={Normative data for the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale.}, author={John Lucas and Robert J. Ivnik and G. E. Smith and Daryl L Bohac and Eric G. Tangalos and Emre Kokmen and Neill R. Graff-Radford and R. C. Petersen}, journal={Journal of clinical and experimental neuropsychology}, year={1998}, volume={20 4}, pages={536-47} }