Normally-off type GaAs MESFET for low power, high speed logic circuits

  title={Normally-off type GaAs MESFET for low power, high speed logic circuits},
  author={Hiroshi Ishikawa and H. Kusakawa and Katsuhiko Suyama and Makoto Fukuta},
  journal={1977 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical Papers},
wave amplifiers, but for high speed switching circuits’. Some of the logic using normally-on type GaAs MESFETs have large power dissipation and complicated circuit construction. The normally-off type GaAs MESFET logic has not as yet been reported, even though it is expected to have some attractive features such as low power dissipation and simple circuit configuration. Figure 1 is a microphotograph of the buffered output 13-stage ring oscillator consisting of normally-off type GaAs MESFETs and… CONTINUE READING