Normal variation in anorectal manometry.

  title={Normal variation in anorectal manometry.},
  author={Rosario Cal{\`i} and Garnet J. Blatchford and R E Perry and R M Pitsch and Alan G. Thorson and Mark A. Christensen},
  journal={Diseases of the colon and rectum},
  volume={35 12},
A study was performed to define the normal range of values for anorectal manometry. Normal volunteers were divided according to gender and parity. There were 20 males, 21 nulliparous females, and 18 multiparous females among the 59 subjects. Anorectal manometry using a radial eight-port catheter was performed during resting and squeezing maneuvers of the anal sphincter. Computerized data analysis and three-dimensional imaging were used to calculate sphincter length at rest and squeeze, mean… CONTINUE READING

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