Normal beta-NGF content in Alzheimer's disease cerebral cortex and hippocampus.

  title={Normal beta-NGF content in Alzheimer's disease cerebral cortex and hippocampus.},
  author={Shelley J. Allen and S H Macgowan and John J. Treanor and Rob Feeney and G. K. Wilcock and David Dawbarn},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={131 1},
Nerve growth factor (beta-NGF) is known to have beneficial effects on cholinergic cell survival and to function both in vivo and in vitro. It has been speculated that this protein, or the lack of it, may be involved in the aetiology of Alzheimer's disease (AD). We describe the measurement of beta-NGF content in 4 regions of the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus in AD brain compared with brain tissue from age-matched normal subjects using a sensitive sandwich immunoassay (ELISA). There was no… CONTINUE READING

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