Normal antipyrine metabolism in patients with cholesterol cholelithiasis


Plasma antipyrine half-lives and metabolic clearances were measured after a single oral dose of antipyrine in 10 control subjects, 12 patients with gallstones, and 9 patients having undergone cholecystectomy for cholesterol cholelithiasis, to determine whether impairment of hepatic antipyrine metabolism occurs in patients with cholesterol cholelithiasis… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01073131


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@article{MBBS1975NormalAM, title={Normal antipyrine metabolism in patients with cholesterol cholelithiasis}, author={MRCP Gershon W. Hepner MBBS and Elliot S. Vesell}, journal={The American Journal of Digestive Diseases}, year={1975}, volume={20}, pages={9-12} }