Norm inflation for generalized magneto-hydrodynamic system

  title={Norm inflation for generalized magneto-hydrodynamic system},
  author={Alexey Cheskidov and Mimi Dai},
  pages={129 - 142}
We consider the incompressible magneto-hydrodynamic system with fractional powers of the Laplacian in the three-dimensional case. We discover a wide range of spaces where the norm inflation occurs and hence small initial data results are out of reach. The norm inflation occurs not only in scaling invariant (critical) spaces, but also in supercritical and, surprisingly, subcritical ones. 

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Abstract As an essential extension of the well known case β ∈ ( 1 2 , 1 ] {\beta\kern-1.0pt\in\kern-1.0pt({\frac{1}{2}},1]} to the hyper-dissipative case β ∈ ( 1 , ∞ )

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We give a construction of a divergence-free vector field uo ∈ H s ∩ B -1 ∞,∞ for all s 0 if r > 2, and s > n(2/r - 1) if 1 ≤ r ≤ 2. This includes the space B 1/3 3,∞ , which is known to be critical

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Norm Inflation for Generalized Navier-Stokes Equations

The existence of a smooth solution with arbitrarily small in $\dot{B}_{\infty,p}^{-\alpha}$ ($2 0$ in arbitrarily small time) is proved.