Norm Inequalities in Operator Ideals

  title={Norm Inequalities in Operator Ideals},
  author={G. Larotonda},
  journal={Journal of Functional Analysis},
  • G. Larotonda
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Functional Analysis
Abstract In this paper we introduce a new technique for proving norm inequalities in operator ideals with a unitarily invariant norm. Among the well-known inequalities which can be proved with this technique are the Lowner–Heinz inequality, inequalities relating various operator means and the Corach–Porta–Recht inequality. We prove two general inequalities and from them we derive several inequalities by specialization, many of them new. We also show how some inequalities, known to be valid for… Expand
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Abstract The aim of this work is to apply the complex interpolation method to norms of n -tuples of operators in a symmetrically-normed ideal J ϕ ⊆ B ( H ) defined by a ϕ symmetric norming functionExpand
A note on the paper “Norm inequalities in operator ideals” [J. Funct. Anal. 255 (11) (2008), 3208–3228] by G. Larotonda
Abstract In this note we show that the presented proof of [1, th. 12] , being based on a false statement appearing in this proof, is not viable for all of the proclaimed values of the involvedExpand
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Abstract For any unitarily invariant norm on Hilbert-space operators it is shown that for all operators A , B , X and positive real numbers r we have ||| |A∗XB| r ||| 2 ⩽ ||| |AA∗X| r ||| ||| |XBB∗|Expand