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Norm Based Causal Reasoning in Textual Corpus

  title={Norm Based Causal Reasoning in Textual Corpus},
  author={Farid Nouioua},
Truth based entailments are not sufficient for a good comprehension of NL. In fact, it can not deduce implicit information necessary to understand a text. On the other hand, norm based entailments are able to reach this goal. This idea was behind the development of Frames (Minsky 75) and Scripts (Schank 77, Schank 79) in the 70's. But these theories are not formalized enough and their adaptation to new situations is far from being obvious. In this paper, we present a reasoning system which uses… 
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This work proposes a method to extract norms from texts: narrative texts generally do not describe a norm, but rather the discrepancies between what actually happened, and the corresponding normal sequence of events, which is validated by designing algorithms that identify the "basic" norms in a text.
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Scripts, Plans, Goals and Understanding. Lawrence Erlbaum Ass
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