Norepinephrine stimulates calprotectin expression in human monocytic cells.

  title={Norepinephrine stimulates calprotectin expression in human monocytic cells.},
  author={Suryono and Jun-Ichi Kido and Noriko Hayashi and Masatoshi Kataoka and Yasuo Shinohara and Toshihiko Nagata},
  journal={Journal of periodontal research},
  volume={41 3},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Calprotectin is composed of two proteins, S100A8 and S100A9, which are S100 family members, and is detected in gingival crevicular fluid and gingival tissue with inflammation. The release and production of calprotectin are regulated by lipopolysaccharides of periodontopathic bacteria and cytokines. Emotional or psychological stress, a risk factor of periodontal disease, is transmitted by stress modulators including norepinephrine and cortisol. The aim of the present… CONTINUE READING