Norditerpenoids and diterpenoids from Salvia multicaulis with antituberculous activity.

  title={Norditerpenoids and diterpenoids from Salvia multicaulis with antituberculous activity.},
  author={Ayhan Ulubelen and G{\"u}laçti Topçu and Carina B. Johansson},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={60 12},
From the roots of Salvia multicaulis, four new aromatic norditerpenoids, multicaulin (1), 12-demethylmulticauline (2), multiorthoquinone (3), and 12-demetylmultiorthoquinone (4), two new abietane diterpenoids, 12-methyl-5-dethydrohorminone (5) and 12-methyl-5-dehydroacetylhorminone (6), as well as a new pimarane diterpenoid, salvipimarone (7), were isolated. Also obtained in this investigation were the known compounds alpha-amyrin, hinokione, horminone, lupeol, manool, 1-oxoferruginol, 18… CONTINUE READING
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