Nordadriatische Gastrotrichen

  title={Nordadriatische Gastrotrichen},
  author={Harald Schrom},
  journal={Helgol{\"a}nder wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen},
Twentytwo new and 8 known species of gastrotrichs are described from eulittoral and sublittoral sandy bottoms of the northern Adriatic Sea. The MgCl2 method was used for extraction from the substrate. Only living material was studied employing phase contrast microscopy. Seven of the new species belong to the order Macrodasyoidea, 15 are members of the order Chaetonotoidea. InMacrodasys caudatus, 4 different types of bursae copulatrices were found to be usually correlated with a specific number… CONTINUE READING