Noradrenergic inhibitory innervation of canine airways.

  • John A. Russell
  • Published 1980 in
    Journal of applied physiology: respiratory…


The inhibitory innervation of canine airways was examined in isolated trachealis strips and helical strips of airways having outside diameters of 5 and 1.5 mm. Exogenous norepinephrine (10-8 M to 10-3 M) did not alter resting tone but relaxed airways contracted by 10-5 M histamine. Relaxations produced by norepinephrine were antagonized by 10-6 M… (More)


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@article{Russell1980NoradrenergicII, title={Noradrenergic inhibitory innervation of canine airways.}, author={John A. Russell}, journal={Journal of applied physiology: respiratory, environmental and exercise physiology}, year={1980}, volume={48 1}, pages={16-22} }