Noradrenaline release from rat sympathetic neurons evoked by P2-purinoceptor activation

  title={Noradrenaline release from rat sympathetic neurons evoked by P2-purinoceptor activation},
  author={Stefan Boehm},
  journal={Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology},
The effects of ATP and analogues on the release of previously incorporated 3H-noradrenaline were studied in cultured sympathetic neurons derived from superior cervical ganglia of neonatal rats. Electrical field stimulation (40 mA at 3 Hz) of the neurons for 10 s markedly enhanced the outflow of tritium. ATP applied for 5 s to 2 min at concentrations of 0.01 to 1 mmol/l caused a time- and concentration-dependent overflow with half maximal effects at about 10 s and 100 μmol/l, respectively. 2… CONTINUE READING


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