Nonwoven abrasive articles and methods

  title={Nonwoven abrasive articles and methods},
  author={キム・シー・サックス and スコット・エム・ファボッツィ and デイビッド・アール・ブラウン and ランディ・エル・モセング and ルイス・エス・モレン and ルーカス・エム・オゲイリー and ローレンス・ジェイ・マン and ロバート・ジェイ・マキ},
A textured uneven surface, the nonwoven abrasive article having its abrasive coating (14), especially lofty nonwoven abrasive articles. The coating may or may cover the entire surface, there is a case that covers only a portion of the surface. And mountain (26) or high region, the textured surface composed of a trough (28) or recessed area, improved cutting performance is obtained than nonwoven abrasive articles having a generally planar polished surface .