Nonvolatile electrical bistability of organic Õ metal-nanocluster Õ organic system

  title={Nonvolatile electrical bistability of organic {\~O} metal-nanocluster {\~O} organic system},
  author={Liping Ma and Seungmoon Pyo and Jianyong Ouyang and Qianfei Xu and Yang Yanga},
Two-terminal electrical bistable devices have been fabricated using a sandwich structure of organic/ metal/organic as the active medium, sandwiched between two external electrodes. The nonvolatile electrical bistability of these devices can be controlled using a positive and a negative electrical bias alternatively. A forward bias may switch the device to a high-conductance state, while a reverse bias is required to restore it to a low-conductance state. In this letter, a model to explain this… CONTINUE READING
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