Nonuniform distortionless transmission lines

  title={Nonuniform distortionless transmission lines},
  author={Anthony Prechtl and Robert Sch{\"u}rhuber},
  journal={Electrical Engineering},
Contents Heavside's classical condition for distortionless signalling, g/c=r/l, is generalized to nonuniform transmission lines. The resulting class of nonuniform lines possesses several interesting properties, which are investigated in some detail. For instance, there exists a preferred direction for distortionless signalling, a phenomenon not observed with uniform lines. We also show that closed-form solutions to quite general wave propagation problems can be derived directly in the time… Expand
Generalized network equations of the non-uniform transmission lines solved using amplitude/phase representation
  • F. Meier
  • Mathematics
  • 10th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 2011
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Exact analytical solutions of multiconductor transmission line equations
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