Nonuniform Donnan Equilibrium within Bacteriophages Packed with DNA

  title={Nonuniform Donnan Equilibrium within Bacteriophages Packed with DNA},
  author={T. Odijk and F. Slok},
  journal={Journal of Physical Chemistry B},
  • T. Odijk, F. Slok
  • Published 2003
  • Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry B
  • The curvature stress of DNA packed inside a phage is balanced against its electrostatic self-interaction. The DNA density is supposed nonuniform and as a result the Donnan effect is also inhomogeneous. The coarse-grained DNA density is a nonlinear function of the DNA radius of curvature at a given position inside the bacteriophage. It turns out that a region (or regions) exists totally free from DNA. The size of such holes is computed. 
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