Nonthermal Plasma Chemical Processing of Bromomethane.

  title={Nonthermal Plasma Chemical Processing of Bromomethane.},
  author={Aihua Zhang and Shigeru Futamura and Toshiaki Yamamoto},
  journal={Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association},
  volume={49 12},
Nonthermal plasma chemical decomposition of bromomethane (CH3Br) was investigated with a coaxial type packed-bed plasma reactor. It has been demonstrated that plasma chemical processing is an effective approach to decompose CH3Br in a wide concentration range. It has been shown that CH3Br decomposition reactivity depends on reactor operating factors such as background gas, O2 concentration, and humidification. Higher decomposition efficiencies can be obtained in dry N2. However, organic… CONTINUE READING
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