Nonspecific vaginitis: role of Haemophilus vaginalis and treatment with metronidazole.

  title={Nonspecific vaginitis: role of Haemophilus vaginalis and treatment with metronidazole.},
  author={T A Pheifer and P S Forsyth and M A Durfee and Helen M. Pollock and King K. Holmes},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={298 26},
To assess the cause of nonspecific vaginitis, we performed a prospective case-control study of vaginal flora and a randomized unblinded trial of different therapies. Haemophilus vaginalis was isolated from 17 to 18 women with signs of vaginitis but only one of 18 normal matched controls (P less than 0.002). The concentration of anaerobic bacteria in vaginal washings also was increased in patients. Clinical improvement and eradication of H. vaginalis occurred in one of seven patients given… CONTINUE READING
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