author={Pierre Apkarian and Dominikus Noll},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control},
  • P. Apkarian, D. Noll
  • Published 16 January 2006
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
We develop nonsmooth optimization techniques to solve$H_infty$synthesis problems under additional structural constraints on the controller. Our approach avoids the use of Lyapunov variables and therefore leads to moderate size optimization programs even for very large systems. The proposed framework is versatile and can accommodate a number of challenging design problems including static, fixed-order, fixed-structure, decentralized control, design of PID controllers and simultaneous design and… 

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The Clarke subdifferential and steepest descent method is used to acquire the gradient information of the nonsmooth function and is illustrated and verified by a practical controller design case-study for a satellite attitude control problem.

Nonsmooth Optimization Method for H∞ Output Feedback Control

This paper proposes a nonsmooth optimization method for H∞ output feedback control problem of linear time-invariant LTI systems based on bundle technique, which uses progress function and bundle technique to solve the resulting problem which has a composite structure.

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  • A. Lewis
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  • Computer Science
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  • 2005
A numerical method for solving the H∞ synthesis problem as an unconstrained, nonsmooth, nonconvex minimization problem and the optimization variables consist solely of the entries of the output feedback matrix.

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This work proposes a systematic way to design H∞-optimal controllers with fixed structure using local optimization techniques and applies non-smooth optimization techniques to compute locally optimal solutions.

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This work proposes an algorithm for noniterative direct synthesis (NODS) of reduced order robust controllers that involves initial computation of two positive-definite matrices via full-order convex LMI conditions to directly obtain a suboptimal convex formulation for the fixed-order controller.

H∞mixed-sensitivity design with fixed structure controller through Putinar positivstellensatz

A novel approach for mixed-sensitivity design with fixed structure controller by introducing the feasible controller set as the set of controllers, within a given class, which guarantees fulfillment of requirements on robust stability and nominal performances for the closed loop system.

Multiple robust H∞ controller design using the nonsmooth optimization method

This paper proposes a systematic technique to design multiple robust H∞ controllers. The proposed technique achieves a desired robust performance objective, which is impossible to achieve with a



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This work presents a nonsmooth optimization method suited for the multidisk problem and more generally, for programs where the maximum of an infinite family of nonconvex maximum eigenvalue functions is minimized.

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In this paper we develop an augmented Lagrangian method to determine local optimal solutions of the reduced‐ and fixed‐order H∞ synthesis problems. We cast these synthesis problems as optimization

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The continuous- and discrete-time H∞ control problems are solved via elementary manipulations on linear matrix inequalities (LMI). Two interesting new features emerge through this approach:

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Extensions of H/sub /spl infin// synthesis techniques to allow for controller dependence on time-varying but measured parameters are discussed and simple heuristics are proposed to compute robust time-invariant controllers.

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A spectral quadratic semidefinite programming (SDP) method for the iterative resolution of fixed-order H 2 and H ∞ design problems and a number of computational results are reported to validate this approach.

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