Nonsingular Increasing Gravitational Potential for the Brane in 6D

  title={Nonsingular Increasing Gravitational Potential for the Brane in 6D},
  author={Merab Gogberashvili and Douglas Singleton},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

New class of N-dimensional braneworlds

The new class of the non-stationary solutions to the system of N-dimensional equations for coupled gravitational and massless scalar field is found. The model represents a single (N-1)-brane in a

Supergravity-induced interactions on thick branes

The gravity coupling of the symmetric space sigma model is studied in the solvable Lie algebra parametrization. The corresponding Einstein equations are derived and the energy–momentum tensor is

Standing Waves Braneworlds

The class of non-stationary braneworld models generated by the coupled gravitational and scalar fields is reviewed. The model represents a brane in a space-time with single time and one large

Localization of matter fields in the 5D standing wave braneworld

A bstractWe investigate the localization problem of matter fields within the 5D standing wave braneworld. In this model the brane emits anisotropic waves into the bulk with different amplitudes along

Localization Problem in the 5D Standing Wave Braneworld

We investigate the problem of pure gravitational localization of matter fields within the 5D standing wave braneworld generated by gravity coupled to a phantom-like scalar field. We show that in the

Thick brane in 7D and 8D spacetimes

We consider a thick brane model using two interacting scalar fields in 7D and 8D gravity. Using a special choice of potential energy, we obtain numerically regular asymptotically flat vacuum

Braneworld in f(T) gravity theory with noncanonical scalar matter field

In this paper, we investigate the braneworld scenario in $f(T)$ gravity with a $K$-field as the background field. We consider various different specific forms of $f(T)$ gravity and $K$-field, and

An anisotropic standing wave braneworld and associated Sturm–Liouville problem

We present a consistent derivation of the recently proposed 5D anisotropic standing wave braneworld generated by gravity coupled to a phantom-like scalar field. We explicitly solve the corresponding

Brane World Corrections to Newton’s Law

We discuss possible variations of the effective gravitational constant with length scale, predicted by most of alternative theories of gravity and unified models of physical interactions. After



Localizing gravity on a stringlike defect in six dimensions

We present a metric solution in six dimensions, where gravity is localized on a four-dimensional singular stringlike defect. The corrections to four-dimensional gravity from the bulk continuum modes

Nonsingular global string compactifications

  • Gregory
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 2000
An exotic "compactification" of spacetime in which there are two infinite extra dimensions, using a global string instead of a domain wall is considered, and it is proved that a nonsingular static solution exists in the absence of a cosmological constant with a time-dependent metric.

Is the electric charge conserved in brane world

We discuss whether electric charge conservation may not hold in four-dimensional world in models with infinite extra dimensions, i.e., whether escape of charged particles from our brane is consistent


The solution of Einstein's equations for 4-brane embedded in five-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space–time is found. It is shown that the cosmological constant can provide the existence of ordinary

Localization of fields on a brane in six dimensions

Universe is considered as a brane in infinite (2+4)-space. It is shown that zero modes of all kinds of matter fields and 4-gravity are localized on the brane by increasing the transversal

An Alternative to compactification

Conventional wisdom states that Newton's force law implies only four noncompact dimensions. We demonstrate that this is not necessarily true in the presence of a nonfactorizable background geometry.