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Nonruminant Nutrition: Amino acids

  title={Nonruminant Nutrition: Amino acids},
  author={Jie Li and Huang Xia and Wei Yao and Tingting Wang and Jiliang Li and Xiangshu Piao and Philip Alfred Thacker and Guoyao Wu and Fenglai Wang and Naresh Regmi and Taiji Wang and Tertius Swanepoel Brand and P. Carstens and Louwrens Christiaan Hoffman},
M166 Effects of arginine supplementation during early gestation (d 1 to 30) on litter size and plasma metabolites in gilts and sows. Jie Li1, Huan Xia1, Wei Yao1, Tingting Wang1, Jiliang Li2, Xiangshu Piao1, Phil Thacker3, Guoyao Wu4, and Fenglai Wang*1, 1State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Centre, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China, 2Tianjin National Breeding Pig Farm, Tianjin, China, 3Department of Animal Science, University of…