Nonreplicative homologous RNA recombination: promiscuous joining of RNA pieces?

  title={Nonreplicative homologous RNA recombination: promiscuous joining of RNA pieces?},
  author={Anatoly P. Gmyl and Sergey A Korshenko and Evegny V Belousov and Elena V Khitrina and Vadim I Agol},
  volume={9 10},
Biologically important joining of RNA pieces in cells, as exemplified by splicing and some classes of RNA editing, is posttranscriptional, whereas in RNA viruses it is generally believed to occur during viral RNA polymerase-dependent RNA synthesis. Here, we demonstrate the assembly of precise genome of an RNA virus (poliovirus) from its cotransfected fragments, which does not require specific RNA sequences, takes place before generation of the viral RNA polymerase, and occurs in different ways… CONTINUE READING

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