Nonreplicative RNA recombination in poliovirus.

  title={Nonreplicative RNA recombination in poliovirus.},
  author={Anatoly P. Gmyl and Evegny V Belousov and Svetlana V. Maslova and Elena V Khitrina and Alexander Chetverin and Vadim I Agol},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={73 11},
Current models of recombination between viral RNAs are based on replicative template-switch mechanisms. The existence of nonreplicative RNA recombination in poliovirus is demonstrated in the present study by the rescue of viable viruses after cotransfections with different pairs of genomic RNA fragments with suppressed translatable and replicating capacities. Approximately 100 distinct recombinant genomes have been identified. The majority of crossovers occurred between nonhomologous segments… CONTINUE READING

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