Nonrelativistic closed string theory

  title={Nonrelativistic closed string theory},
  author={Jaume Gomis and Hirosi Ooguri},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
We construct a Galilean invariant nongravitational closed string theory whose excitations satisfy a nonrelativistic dispersion relation. This theory can be obtained by taking a consistent low energy limit of any of the conventional string theories, including the heterotic string. We give a finite first order worldsheet Hamiltonian for this theory and show that this string theory has a sensible perturbative expansion, interesting high energy behavior of scattering amplitudes and a Hagedorn… Expand
Nonrelativistic string theory in background fields
Abstract Nonrelativistic string theory is a unitary, ultraviolet finite quantum gravity theory with a nonrelativistic string spectrum. The vertex operators of the worldsheet theory determine theExpand
Nonrelativistic superstring theories
We construct a supersymmetric version of the 'critical' non-relativistic bosonic string theory [1] with its manifest global symmetry. We introduce the anticommuting bc CFT which is the super partnerExpand
Relating non-relativistic string theories
Abstract Non-relativistic string theories promise to provide simpler theories of quantum gravity as well as tractable limits of the AdS/CFT correspondence. However, several apparently distinctExpand
Torsional deformation of nonrelativistic string theory
  • Ziqi Yan
  • Physics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
Abstract Nonrelativistic string theory is a self-contained corner of string theory, with its string spectrum enjoying a Galilean-invariant dispersion relation. This theory is unitary and ultravioletExpand
The Meaning of Infrared Singularities in Noncommutative Gauge Theories
We point out that the leading infrared singular terms in the effective actions of noncommutative gauge theories arising from nonplanar loop diagrams have a natural interpretation in terms of theExpand
String theory and string Newton–Cartan geometry
Nonrelativistic string theory is described by a sigma model with a relativistic worldsheet and a nonrelativistic target spacetime geometry, that is called string Newton-Cartan geometry. In this paperExpand
Extended Galilean symmetries of non-relativistic strings
A bstractWe consider two non-relativistic strings and their Galilean symmetries. These strings are obtained as the two possible non-relativistic (NR) limits of a relativistic string. One of them isExpand
Nonrelativistic string theory and T-duality
A bstractNonrelativistic string theory in flat spacetime is described by a two-dimensional quantum field theory with a nonrelativistic global symmetry acting on the worldsheet fields. NonrelativisticExpand
Universitet Strings with non-relativistic conformal symmetry and limits of the AdS / CFT
We find a Polyakov-type action for strings moving in a torsional NewtonCartan geometry. This is obtained by starting with the relativistic Polyakov action and fixing the momentum of the string alongExpand
The Large M Limit of Non-Commutative Open Strings at Strong Coupling
Two-dimensional Non-Commutative Open String (NCOS) theory, well-defined perturbatively, may also be studied at strong coupling and for large D-string charge by making use of the Holographic duality.Expand


OM theory in diverse dimensions
Open string theories can be decoupled from closed strings and gravity by scaling to the critical electric field. We propose dual descriptions for the strong coupling limit of these NCOSExpand
On theories with light-like noncommutativity
We show that field theories with light-like noncommutativity, that is with θ0i = -θ1i, are unitary quantum theories, and that they can be obtained as decoupled field theory limits of string theoryExpand
Open branes in space-time non-commutative little string theory
We conjecture the existence of two new non-gravitational six-dimensional string theories, defined as the decoupling limit of NS5-branes in the background of near-critical electrical two- andExpand
On the DLCQ as a light-like limit in string theory
Abstract We study the issue of defining the discrete light-cone quantization (DLCQ) in perturbative string theory as a light-like limit. While this limit is unproblematic at the classical level, itExpand
The Hagedorn transition in noncommutative open string theory
The Hagedorn transition in noncommutative open string theory (NCOS) is relatively simple because gravity decouples. For NCOS theories in no more than five space–time dimensions, the HagedornExpand
S-Duality and Noncommutative Gauge Theory
It is conjectured that strongly coupled, spatially noncommutative N = 4 Yang-Mills theory has a dual description as a weakly coupled open string theory in a near critical electric field, and thatExpand
Space-time noncommutative field theories and unitarity
Abstract We study the perturbative unitarity of noncommutative scalar field theories. Field theories with space–time noncommutativity do not have a unitary S-matrix. Field theories with only spaceExpand
The Large-N Limit of Superconformal Field Theories and Supergravity
We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,Expand
DLCQ of M-theory as the light-like limit
Abstract We investigate whether DLCQ of M-theory can be defined as a limit of M-theory compactified on an almost light-like circle. This is of particular interest since the proofs of the matrixExpand
We study some aspects of open string theories on D-branes with critical electric fields. We show that the massless open string modes that move in the direction of the electric field decouple. In theExpand