Nonrandom chromosomal rearrangements in pancreatic carcinomas.

  title={Nonrandom chromosomal rearrangements in pancreatic carcinomas.},
  author={B H Brusheim Johansson and Georgia Bardi and Sverre Heim and Nils Mandahl and Fredrik Mertens and E. Bak-Jensen and A Andr{\'e}n-sandberg and Felix Mitelman},
  volume={69 7},
Short-term cultures were initiated from 20 carcinomas of the pancreas, 17 of which could be successfully cytogenetically analyzed. In eight carcinomas, only normal karyotypes were detected, probably representing dividing stromal cells. Three cases had -Y as the sole anomaly, which also may have occurred in cells that do not belong to the tumor parenchyma. Massively rearranged karyotypes with modal chromosome numbers in the triploid (five cases) and diploid-triploid (one case) ranges were found… CONTINUE READING
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