Nonperturbative-transverse-momentum effects and evolution in dihadron and direct photon-hadron angular correlations in p+p collisions at s =510 GeV

  title={Nonperturbative-transverse-momentum effects and evolution in dihadron and direct photon-hadron angular correlations in p+p collisions at s =510 GeV},
  author={Andrew Adare and Christine A. Aidala and N. N. Ajitanand and Yasuyuki Akiba and R. Akimoto and J. P. Alexander and M. Alfred and Vincent Andrieux and Kyuzo Aoki and Nicole Apadula and Yoki Aramaki and Hiroyuki Asano and Ermias Tujuba Atomssa and Terry C Awes and Claudia Ayuso and Babek Azmoun and Vladimir Babintsev and Ma Bai and Xue-ning Bai and N. S. Bandara and Benjamin Bannier and Kenneth Barish and Stefan Bathe and V. Baublis and Cl{\'e}ment Baumann and S. Baumgart and Alexander Bazilevsky and Marc Beaumier and Shawn Beckman and Ronald John Belmont and Andrii Berdnikov and Yaroslav Berdnikov and D. Black and D. S. Blau and M. Boer and Jee Sang Bok and Keegan Boyle and M. L. Brooks and Jason Bryslawskyj and H. Georg Buesching and Vladimir Bumazhnov and C. Butler and Sergei V. Butsyk and Steven Campbell and Veronica Canoa Roman and R. Cervantes and C.-H. Rosie Chen and Congwu Chi and M. Chiu and I. J. Choi and J. B. 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Vazquez-Zambrano and Aaron Veicht and Julia Velkovska and R{\'o}bert V{\'e}rtesi and Miroslav Virius and V{\'a}clav Vrba and Nikola Vukman and E. Vznuzdaev and X. R. Wang and Z. Wang and Daiki Watanabe and Kazuo Watanabe and Yosuke Watanabe and Fenglun Wei and S. Whitaker and Scott Wolin and C. P. Wong and C. L. Woody and Maciej Wysocki and Bingqing Xia and Chunying Xu and Q. Xu and Li Xue and Serpil Yalcin and Y. L. Yamaguchi and H. Yamamoto and A. Yanovich and P. Yin and S. Yokkaichi and Jason Hoon Yoo and Inseok Yoon and Zhiying You and Imran Younus and Haocun Yu and I. E. Yushmanov and W. A. Zajc and Anatoli Zelenski and Sergei Zharko and Shuanghong Zhou and Liping Zou},
  • Andrew Adare, Christine A. Aidala, +463 authors Liping Zou
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Dihadron and isolated direct photon-hadron angular correlations are measured in $p$$+$$p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=510$ GeV. Correlations of charged hadrons of $0.7<p_T<10$ GeV/$c$ with $\pi^0$ mesons of $4<p_T<15$ GeV/$c$ or isolated direct photons of $7<p_T<15$ GeV/$c$ are used to study nonperturbative effects generated by initial-state partonic transverse momentum and final-state transverse momentum from fragmentation. The nonperturbative behavior is characterized by measuring the out-of… CONTINUE READING

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