Nonperturbative Continuity in Graviton Mass versus Perturbative Discontinuity

  title={Nonperturbative Continuity in Graviton Mass versus Perturbative Discontinuity},
  author={Cedric Deffayet and Gia Dvali and Gregory Gabadadze and Arkady Vainshtein},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We address the question whether a graviton could have a small nonzero mass. The issue is subtle for two reasons: there is a discontinuity in the mass in the lowest tree-level approximation, and, moreover, the nonlinear four-dimensional theory of a massive graviton is not defined unambiguously. First, we reiterate the old argument that for the vanishing graviton mass the lowest tree-level approximation breaks down since the higher order corrections are singular in the graviton mass. However… 

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