Nonpeptide inhibitors of measles virus entry.

  title={Nonpeptide inhibitors of measles virus entry.},
  author={Aiming Sun and Andrew Prussia and Weiqiang Zhan and Ernest E Murray and Joshua D. Doyle and Li-Ting Cheng and Jeong-Joong Yoon and Eugene V. Radchenko and Vladimir A. Palyulin and Richard W. Compans and Dennis C Liotta and Richard K Plemper and James P. Snyder},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
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Measles virus (MV) is one of the most infectious pathogens known. Despite the existence of a vaccine, over 500,000 deaths/year result from MV or associated complications. Anti-measles compounds could conceivably reverse these statistics. Previously, we described a homology model of the MV fusion protein trimer and a putative binding site near the head-neck… CONTINUE READING