Nonparametric analysis of nonhomogeneous multistate processes with clustered observations

  title={Nonparametric analysis of nonhomogeneous multistate processes with clustered observations},
  author={Giorgos Bakoyannis},
  pages={533 - 546}
  • G. Bakoyannis
  • Published 1 December 2019
  • Mathematics, Medicine, Computer Science
  • Biometrics
Abstract Frequently, clinical trials and observational studies involve complex event history data with multiple events. When the observations are independent, the analysis of such studies can be based on standard methods for multistate models. However, the independence assumption is often violated, such as in multicenter studies, which makes standard methods improper. This work addresses the issue of nonparametric estimation and two‐sample testing for the population‐averaged transition and… Expand
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Nonparametric tests for transition probabilities in nonhomogeneous Markov processes
  • G. Bakoyannis
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Journal of nonparametric statistics
  • 2020
This paper proposes nonparametric two-sample tests for the direct comparison of the probabilities of a particular transition between states of a continuous time nonhomogeneous Markov process with aExpand
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Non-parametric estimation of transition probabilities in non-Markov multi-state models: The landmark Aalen–Johansen estimator
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A wild bootstrap approach for the Aalen-Johansen estimator.
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