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Nonparametric Regression Estimation for Nonlinear Systems: A Case Study of Sigmoidal Growths

  title={Nonparametric Regression Estimation for Nonlinear Systems: A Case Study of Sigmoidal Growths},
  author={Atif Akbar and Muhammad Aman Ullah},
Sigmoidal growths are well approximated by the non-linear sigmoidal growth models including Richards (1959) Morgan et al (1975), Davies and Ku (1977) and Muller et al (2006) among many others. This article deals with the comparison of the nonparametric regression with the non-linear regression models in order to locate the better approximation for sigmoidal growths. To unwind the standard assumptions, nonparametric regression estimation is used for data analysis, which enables us to look at the… Expand

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