Nonopiate effects of dynorphin and des-Tyr-dynorphin.

  title={Nonopiate effects of dynorphin and des-Tyr-dynorphin.},
  author={Jennifer M. Walker and Hylan C. Moises and D. H. Coy. E. J. Coy and Giulio Baldrighi and Huda Akil},
  volume={218 4577},
Intracerebroventricular administration of dynorphin produced potent and long-lasting effects on motor function and the electroencephalogram in rats. In addition, local iontophoretic or pressure ejection of dynorphin consistently inhibited hippocampal unit activity. None of these effects were significantly affected by naloxone even at high doses. Moreover, a fragment of dynorphin that failed to displace any of a number of tritiated narcotics from rat brain homogenates produced similar effects on… CONTINUE READING

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