Nonoperative management of a traumatic peroneal artery false aneurysm.


The standard approach to management of traumatic false aneurysms is operative. This report describes successful treatment of a traumatic peroneal artery aneurysm following a gunshot wound in a 29-year-old man by an intraluminal steel coil occlusion technique. The coil was guided through the popliteal artery and aneurysm into the distal peroneal artery via a percutaneously placed catheter: following disengagement of the coil the outflow tract of the aneurysm was occluded, and another passed and released into the proximal peroneal artery occluded the inflow tract.


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@article{Edwards1982NonoperativeMO, title={Nonoperative management of a traumatic peroneal artery false aneurysm.}, author={Hisani Edwards and Eric C. Martin and Roman Nowygrod}, journal={The Journal of trauma}, year={1982}, volume={22 4}, pages={323-6} }