Nonlocal hydrodynamic type of equations

  title={Nonlocal hydrodynamic type of equations},
  author={Metin G{\"u}rses and Aslı Pekcan and Kostyantyn Zheltukhin},
  journal={Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul.},

Shifted nonlocal Kundu type equations: Soliton solutions

  • A. Pekcan
  • Mathematics
    Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics
  • 2022

Soliton solutions of the shifted nonlocal NLS and MKdV equations

Nonlocal KdV equations

Nonlocal $(2+1)$-dimensional Maccari equations

We obtain one-soliton solution of $(2+1)$-dimensional $3$-component Maccari system by Hirota method. Then we find local and nonlocal reductions of this system. By using the Ablowitz-Musslimani

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Multi-component integrable generalizations of the Fokas–Lenells equation, associated with each irreducible Hermitian symmetric space are formulated. Description of the underlying structures

Local and nonlocal (2 + 1)-dimensional Maccari systems and their soliton solutions

In this work, by using the Hirota bilinear method, we obtain one- and two-soliton solutions of integrable (2 + 1)-dimensional 3-component Maccari system which is used as a model describing isolated

Discrete symmetries and nonlocal reductions



Recursion operators of some equations of hydrodynamic type

We give a general method for constructing recursion operators for some equations of hydrodynamic type, admitting a nonstandard Lax representation. We give several examples for N=2 and N=3 containing

Nonlocal Super Integrable Equations

We present nonlocal integrable reductions of super AKNS coupled equations. By the use of nonlocal reductions of Ablowitz and Musslimani we find new super integrable equations. In particular we

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1. Introduction 2. Integrable dynamical systems 3. Synopsis of integrable systems 4. Algebraic methods 5. Analytical methods 6. The closed Toda chain 7. The Calogero-Moser model 8. Isomonodromic

Integrable nonlocal complex mKdV equation: soliton solution and gauge equivalence

In this paper, we prove that the nonlocal complex modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equation introduced by Ablowitz and Musslimani [Nonlinearity, 29, 915-946 (2016)] is gauge equivalent to a