Nonlocal Effective Electromagnetic Wave Characteristics of Composite Media: Beyond the Quasistatic Regime

  title={Nonlocal Effective Electromagnetic Wave Characteristics of Composite Media: Beyond the Quasistatic Regime},
  author={Salvatore Torquato and Jaeuk Kim},
  journal={Physical Review X},
We derive exact nonlocal expressions for the effective dielectric constant tensor ${\boldsymbol \varepsilon}_e({\bf k}_I, \omega)$ of disordered two-phase composites and metamaterials from first principles. This formalism extends the long-wavelength limitations of conventional homogenization estimates of ${\boldsymbol \varepsilon}_e({\bf k}_I, \omega)$ for arbitrary microstructures so that it can capture spatial dispersion well beyond the quasistatic regime (where $\omega$ and ${\bf k}_I$ are… 

Asymptotics and Summation of the Effective Properties of Suspensions, Simple Liquids and Composites

We review the problem of summation for a very short truncation of a power series by means of special resummation techniques inspired by the field-theoretical renormalization group. Effective

A Universal Method for Modeling and Characterizing Non-Circular Packing Systems Based on n-Point Correlation Functions

A universal method for modeling and characterizing non-circular particles is developed. The n-point correlation functions (n = 1, 2 and 3) are efficiently computed with a GPU parallel computing

Third-Order Effective Properties for Random-Packing Systems Using Statistical Micromechanics Based on a GPU Parallel Algorithm in Fast Computing n-Point Correlation Functions

Estimating the effective properties of a particulate system is the most direct way to understand its macroscopic performance. In this work, we accurately evaluate the third-order approximations

The Disordered Heterogeneous Universe: Galaxy Distribution and Clustering Across Length Scales

The studies of disordered heterogeneous media and galaxy cosmology share a common goal: ana-lyzing the disordered distribution of particles and/or building blocks at ‘microscales’ to predict physical

The sensitivity of satellite microwave observations to liquid water in the Antarctic snowpack

. Surface melting on the Antarctic Ice Sheet has been monitored by satellite microwave radiometery for over 40 years. Despite this long perspective, our understanding of the microwave emission from

Brief communication: A continuous formulation of microwave scattering from fresh snow to bubbly ice from first principles

Abstract. Microwave remote sensing of the cryosphere demands a formulation of the scattering coefficient which can be applied over the entire range of relevant densities, from fresh snow to bubbly

Local order metrics for two-phase media across length scales

The capacity to devise order metrics to characterize and classify microstructures of multiphase heterogeneous media across length scales is an outstanding but highly challenging task, given the

Extraordinary disordered hyperuniform multifunctional composites

A variety of performance demands are being placed on material systems, including desirable mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, acoustic and flow properties. The purpose of the present article

Methods for Solving Finite Element Mesh-Dependency Problems in Geotechnical Engineering—A Review

The instabilities of soil specimens in laboratory or soil made geotechnical structures in field are always numerically simulated by the classical continuum mechanics-based constitutive models with

Dynamic Measure of Hyperuniformity and Nonhyperuniformity in Heterogeneous Media via the Diffusion Spreadability

Time-dependent interphase diffusion processes in multiphase heterogeneous media are ubiquitous phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology. Examples of heterogeneous media include composites,



Effective dielectric tensor for electromagnetic wave propagation in random media

We derive exact strong-contrast expansions for the effective dielectric tensor ee of electromagnetic waves propagating in a two-phase composite random medium with isotropic components explicitly in

Use of the vibrational approach to determine bounds for the effective permittivity in random media

SummaryIn this paper bounds are derived for the effective permit tivity, ε*, using two standard variational principles. The principles are expressed in terms of the electric field,E and the electric

Acoustic and electromagnetic quasimodes in dispersed random media.

  • JingShengZhou
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1992
The theory yields quantitative agreement with the measured dispersion relations with no adjustable parameters, and provides a theoretical explanation for the observed frequency gaps in the excitation spectra.

Multifunctional composites for elastic and electromagnetic wave propagation

Significance We establish accurate microstructure-dependent cross-property relations for composite materials that link effective elastic and electromagnetic wave characteristics to one another,

Block-iterative frequency-domain methods for Maxwell's equations in a planewave basis.

We describe a fully-vectorial, three-dimensional algorithm to compute the definite-frequency eigenstates of Maxwell's equations in arbitrary periodic dielectric structures, including systems with

Effective conductivity of anisotropic two-phase composite media.

  • SenTorquato
  • Computer Science
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1989
This work derives rigorous nth-order bounds on sigma/sub e/ (from the authors' perturbation expansion) that depend upon the n-point parameters ssA/sub n//sup (//sup i//sup )/ for n = 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Classical disordered ground states: Super-ideal gases and stealth and equi-luminous materials

Using a collective coordinate numerical optimization procedure, we construct ground-state configurations of interacting particle systems in various space dimensions so that the scattering of

Hidden multiscale order in the primes

We study the pair correlations between prime numbers in an interval with , . By analyzing the structure factor, we prove, conditionally on the Hardy–Littlewood conjecture on prime pairs, that the

Analytical approximations in multiple scattering of electromagnetic waves by aligned dielectric spheroids.

  • C. AoJ. Kong
  • Business, Physics
    Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision
  • 2002
This paper studies electromagnetic wave scattering by densely packed dielectric spheroids with aligned orientation through quasicrystalline approximation and QCA with coherent potential (QCA-CP), which agree well with simulations, although qualitative disagreement is evident at higher fractional volumes.

Characterization of maximally random jammed sphere packings. III. Transport and electromagnetic properties via correlation functions.

The analytic bounds of the MRJ sphere packings predict the qualitative trend in the physical properties associated with these structures, which provides guidance to more time-consuming simulations and experiments.