Nonlinearity and wide-band parametric amplification in a (Nb,Ti)N microstrip transmission line

  title={Nonlinearity and wide-band parametric amplification in a (Nb,Ti)N microstrip transmission line},
  author={Shibo Shu and Nikita Klimovich and Byeong Ho Eom and Andrew Beyer and Ritoban Basu Thakur and Henry G. Leduc and Peter K. Day},
The nonlinear response associated with the current dependence of the superconducting kinetic inductance was studied in capacitively shunted NbTiN microstrip transmission lines. It was found that the inductance per unit length of one microstrip line could be changed by up to 20% by applying a DC current, corresponding to a single pass time delay of 0.7 ns. To investigate nonlinear dissipation, Bragg reflectors were placed on either end of a section of this type of transmission line, creating… 

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