Nonlinear waves in Newton's cradle and the discrete p-Schroedinger equation

  title={Nonlinear waves in Newton's cradle and the discrete p-Schroedinger equation},
  author={Guillaume James},
  journal={arXiv: Pattern Formation and Solitons},
  • G. James
  • Published 6 August 2010
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • arXiv: Pattern Formation and Solitons
We study nonlinear waves in Newton's cradle, a classical mechanical system consisting of a chain of beads attached to linear pendula and interacting nonlinearly via Hertz's contact forces. We formally derive a spatially discrete modulation equation, for small amplitude nonlinear waves consisting of slow modulations of time-periodic linear oscillations. The fully-nonlinear and unilateral interactions between beads yield a nonstandard modulation equation that we call the discrete p-Schroedinger… Expand
Travelling breathers and solitary waves in strongly nonlinear lattices
  • G. James
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2018
An extensive numerical exploration of travelling breather profiles for p = 5/2 suggests that these solutions are generally superposed on small amplitude non-vanishing oscillatory tails, except for particular parameter values where they become close to strictly localized solitary waves. Expand
Breather solutions of the discrete p-Schr\"odinger equation
We consider the discrete p-Schr\"odinger (DpS) equation, which approximates small amplitude oscillations in chains of oscillators with fully-nonlinear nearest-neighbors interactions of order alpha =Expand
Periodic Travelling Waves and Compactons in Granular Chains
  • G. James
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Nonlinear Sci.
  • 2012
The existence of periodic travelling waves in chains of identical beads interacting via Hertz’s contact forces is proved, and the numerical finding of such waves implies the existence of compactons, i.e. compactly supported compression waves propagating at a constant velocity. Expand
Nonlinear Waves in a Strongly Nonlinear Resonant Granular Chain
We explore a recently proposed locally resonant granular system bearing harmonic internal resonators in a chain of beads interacting via Hertzian elastic contacts. In this system, we propose theExpand
From Newton's Cradle to the Discrete p-Schrödinger Equation
The dynamics of a chain of oscillators coupled by fully nonlinear interaction potentials is investigated, including Newton's cradle with Hertzian contact interactions between neighbors, and a rigorous asymptotic description of small amplitude solutions over large times is given. Expand
Strongly nonlinear waves in locally resonant granular chains
We explore a recently proposed locally resonant granular system bearing harmonic internal resonators in a chain of beads interacting via Hertzian elastic contacts. In this system, we propose theExpand
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We prove nonexistence of breathers (spatially localized and time-periodic oscilla- tions) for a class of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattices representing an uncompressed chain of beads interacting via Hertz'sExpand
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Propagating discrete breathers in forced one-dimensional granular networks: theory and experiment
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Certain aspects of the acoustics of a strongly nonlinear discrete lattice
The aim of this paper is to analytically investigate certain aspects of the nonlinear acoustics, especially traveling breathers, of a one-dimensional, non-dissipative, essentially nonlinear lattice.Expand


Localized waves in nonlinear oscillator chains.
This paper employs a center manifold reduction method introduced by Iooss and Kirchgassner in the case of traveling waves, which reduces the problem locally to a finite dimensional reversible differential equation and proves the existence of exact traveling breather solutions superposed on an exponentially small periodic tail. Expand
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Solitary waves on Fermi Pasta Ulam lattices: III. Howland-type Floquet theory
Parts II, III and IV of this series are devoted to proving long time stability of solitary waves in one-dimensional nonintegrable lattices with Hamiltonian with a general nearest-neighbour potentialExpand
Micro-macro transition in the atomic chain via Whitham's modulation equation
The subject matter of this paper is the thermodynamic description of the nonlinear atomic chain with temperature. For this reason we consider special approximate solutions of Newton's equations, inExpand
Existence and modulation of traveling waves in particles chains
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We study the dispersive evolution of modulated pulses in a nonlinear oscillator chain embedded in a background field. The atoms of the chain interact pairwise with an arbitrary but finite numberExpand
Asymptotic solution for solitary waves in a chain of elastic spheres.
  • A. Chatterjee
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 1999
In this work, n is treated as "slightly" greater than 1, and an asymptotic solution is developed in terms of the associated small parameter, which is substantially more accurate than the presently available approximate solution given by Nesterenko. Expand