Nonlinear wave propagation in a non-diffusive model of bubbly liquids

  title={Nonlinear wave propagation in a non-diffusive model of bubbly liquids},
  author={Francesco Oliveri},
  journal={Acta Mechanica},
  • F. Oliveri
  • Published 1 September 1990
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Mechanica
SummaryIn this paper an “ad hoc” asymptotic approach is employed in order to study nonlinear wave propagation compatible with the non-diffusive version of the model of bubbly liquids introduced by Drumheller and Bedford [13]. A third order transport equation representing a generalization of the usually considered Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation and a simplified version of the evolution equation obtained in a previous paper by Fusco and Oliveri [16] for the full model including the diffusion… 
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SommarioMediante l'usa di uno schema asintotico viene dedotta una equazione differenziale alle derivate parziali del quarto ordine, atta a descrivere l'evoluzione di un'onda non lineare propagantesi