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Nonlinear tidal resonance

  title={Nonlinear tidal resonance},
  author={Guido M. Terra},
  • G. M. Terra
  • Published 27 October 2005
  • Environmental Science
Dit werk werd uitgevoerd in het kader van het project " Secondary tides and quasi-periodically forced nonlinear oscillators " binnen de project-ruimte van de Stichting voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie (F.O.M.), die financieel wordt gesteund door de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (N.W.O.). Introduction Tides play an important role in the lives of many coastal communities. Due to resonance huge tidal ranges occur in particular bays whose natural (eigen-)period of… 
Amplified exchange rate by tidal forcing of a piecewise-linear Helmholtz bay
Sea-level and current measurements have been performed in the Mok Bay, a tidal embayment in the Dutch Wadden Sea, situated on the island of Texel, the Netherlands. Characteristic for this estuary is


On the nonlinear Helmholtz response of almost-enclosed tidal basins with sloping bottoms
  • L. Maas
  • Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 1997
Short relatively deep tidal basins, which are connected to the open sea by a narrow strait, may exhibit either an amplified (resonant), or damped (choked) response to the tide at the entrance. Here
Tidal spectroscopy and prediction
  • W. Munk, D. Cartwright
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
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Nineteen years of hourly tide readings at Honolulu, Hawaii, and Newlyn, England, are analysed without astronomical prejudice as to what frequencies are present, and what are not, thus allowing for
Non-linear effects in the tide of the Bay of Fundy
Non-linear tidal distortion in shallow well-mixed estuaries: a synthesis☆
Tidal signatures in modern and ancient sediments
Preface. Modern Tidal Processes And Sediment Dynamics. What Is A Bedload Parting?. Hydraulic Roughness Of Tidal Channel Bedforms, Westerschelde Estuary, The Netherlands. Bedforms On The Middelkerke
On the indetermination of the tidal harmonic constants
SummaryNumerical fluctuations of the tidal harmonic constants are well known, but this behaviour has been supposed, in most of the cases, due to nonperfect selectivity of the analysis. The results
Tidal-jet and vortex-pair driving of the residual circulation in a tidal estuary
The tidal regime of Shark Bay, Western Australia
A model of tidal flushing of an estuary by dipole formation