Nonlinear response of laterally loaded rigid piles in sand

  title={Nonlinear response of laterally loaded rigid piles in sand},
  author={Hongyu Qin and Wei Dong Guo},
  journal={Geomechanics and Engineering},
  • H. Qin, W. Guo
  • Published 25 December 2014
  • Geology
  • Geomechanics and Engineering
This paper investigates nonlinear response of 51 laterally loaded rigid piles in sand. Measured response of each pile test was used to deduce input parameters of modulus of subgrade reaction and the gradient of the linear limiting force profile using elastic-plastic solutions. Normalised load displacement and/or moment rotation curves and in some cases bending moment and displacement distributions with depth are provided for all the pile tests, to show the effect of load eccentricity on the… Expand
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  • Acta geotechnica slovenica
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