Nonlinear properties of vielbein massive gravity

  title={Nonlinear properties of vielbein massive gravity},
  author={S. Groot Nibbelink and Marco Peloso and M G Sexton},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
We propose a nonlinear extension of the Fierz–Pauli mass for the graviton through a functional of the vielbein and an external Minkowski background. The functional generalizes the notion of the measure, since it reduces to a cosmological constant if the external background is formally sent to zero. Such a term and the explicit external background emerge dynamically from a bi-gravity theory, having both a massless and a massive graviton in its spectrum, in a specific limit in which the massless… 

Einstein gravity, massive gravity, multi-gravity and nonlinear realizations

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  • K. Aoki
  • Physics
    Physical Review D
  • 2020
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