Nonlinear polarization rotation of elliptical light in cubic crystals, with application to cross-polarized wave generation

  title={Nonlinear polarization rotation of elliptical light in cubic crystals, with application to cross-polarized wave generation},
  author={Aur{\'e}lie Jullien and Olivier Albert and Gilles Ch{\'e}riaux and Jean Etchepare and S. Kourtev and Nikolai I. Minkovski and Solomon M. Saltiel},
  journal={Journal of The Optical Society of America B-optical Physics},
We have investigated theoretically and experimentally the nonlinear propagation of intense elliptically polarized light pulses along a fourfold axis of the cubic crystal BaF2. Third-order nonlinear optical processes generate a cross-polarized wave, an effect that presents significant possibilities for application in femtosecond pulse contrast enhancement. The experimental setup consists of an input linear polarized light that passes through a cubic crystal sandwiched between two crossed quarter… 
Modified elliptically polarized light Z-scan method for studying third-order nonlinear susceptibility components.
The normal elliptically polarized light Z-scan method is modified by adding a quarter-wave plate and an analyzer before the detector to achieve an increase of sensitivity by a factor of larger than 4 for the real part of third-order susceptibility component's measurements.
Nonlinear mirror based on cross-polarized wave generation.
We present a new type of nonlinear mirror based on the generation of a cross-polarized wave through a nonresonant electronic third-order process. It is characterized by a reflection coefficient that
Highly efficient temporal cleaner for femtosecond pulses based on cross-polarized wave generation in a dual crystal scheme
We present an experimental demonstration of a renewed set up, with respect to the one described in [A. Jullien et al, Opt. Lett. 30, 920 (2005)], that enables more reliable and robust performances in
Analysis the cross-polarized wave generation: Influence of the quadratic and cubic spectral phase with different pump energy fluence
Abstract In this paper, we present the comprehensive study of the influence of quadratic and cubic spectral phase on cross-polarized wave (XPW) generation, including conversion efficiency, spectrum
Radial-variant nonlinear ellipse rotation.
Numerical simulations show that the self-diffraction intensity pattern, the distribution of the state of polarization, and the spin angular momentum distribution of an EPVB could be manipulated by tuning both the isotropic optical nonlinearity and the chirality parameter of the vector beam.
Analysis of nonlinear optical propagation in a longitudinal deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate Pockels cell
Nonlinear optical propagation in a longitudinal deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate (DKDP) Pockels cell (PC) is studied analytically and with numerical simulations. Propagation equations are
Nonlinear polarization interferometer: application for efficient cross polarized wave generation and beam shaping
Novel χ(3)-based nonlinear polarization interferometer is proposed. It allows cross polarized wave generation with enhanced efficiency and obtaining different beam shapes of the generated
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Abstract Temporal contrast is a key factor influencing the performance of high-field physics experiments for ultraintense and ultrashort laser systems. The purpose of this paper is to improve the
Improved nonlinear cross-polarized wave generation in cubic crystals by optimization of the crystal orientation
The efficiency of χ(3)-based cross-polarized wave generation in cubic crystals is investigated for different crystal orientations. It is shown that holographic-cut orientation is the optimal one. A
Polarization characteristics of the metallic structure with elliptically helical metamaterials.
This work proposed a metallic structure with elliptically helical nanowires, and analyzed the polarization states of the transmitted light using FDTD method, and confirmed that this metallic structure does have a giant elliptical dichroism.


Nonlinear polarization rotation and orthogonal polarization generation experienced in a single-beam configuration
Nonlinear polarization rotation and generation of a polarization component orthogonal to the input beam were observed along fourfold axes of YVO4 and BaF2 crystals. We demonstrate experimentally that
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Nonlinear filtering by use of intensity-dependent polarization rotation in birefringent fibers.
It is shown that the transmissivity of the element depends not only on the intensity of the incident light but also on the time behavior of its amplitude, which can be used as a derivator, an element that transmits only variations in the input pulse.
Passive mode locking of lasers with the optical Kerr effect modulator
A detailed analytical investigation is presented of a nonlinear device termed the optical Kerr effect modulator (OKEM) which is used to passively Q switch and mode lock high-power lasers.
Intrinsic and induced anisotropy of nonlinear absorption and refraction in zinc blende semiconductors
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Nonlinear Fiber Optics
Nonlinear fiber optics concerns with the nonlinear optical phenomena occurring inside optical fibers. Although the field ofnonlinear optics traces its beginning to 1961, when a ruby laser was first
10(-10) temporal contrast for femtosecond ultraintense lasers by cross-polarized wave generation.
Nonlinear properties associated with chi(3) tensor elements in BaF2 cubic crystal are taken advantage to improve the temporal contrast of femtosecond laser pulses and obtain a transmission efficiency of 10% and 10(-10) contrast with an input pulse in the millijoule range.
Measurement of the anisotropy of two-photon absorption coefficients in zincblende semiconductors
The imaginary parts of all of the independent two-photon-resonant susceptibility tensor elements in GaAs and CdTe are determined by using a two-beam coupling technique to measure the anisotropy of
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Measurements of the third-order nonlinear electric susceptibility component χxyyx3 by means of self-induced changes in the state of polarization of an intense elliptically polarized laser beam are