Nonlinear optical properties of a channel waveguide produced with crosslinkable ferroelectric liquid crystals

  title={Nonlinear optical properties of a channel waveguide produced with crosslinkable ferroelectric liquid crystals},
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Abstract:A binary mixture of ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLCs) was used for the design of a channel waveguide. The FLCs possess two important functionalities: a chromophore with a high hyperpolarizability and photoreactive groups. The smectic liquid crystal is aligned in layers parallel to the glass plates in a sandwich geometry. This alignment offers several advantages, such as that moderate electric fields are sufficient to achieve a high degree of polar order. The arrangement was then… 

An azo-bridged ferroelectric liquid crystal with highly enhanced second and third harmonic generation.

A laterally azo-bridged trimer ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) incorporating a strong chromophore along its polar axis was synthesized and offered an innovative approach to develop new FLCs with larger NLO strength.

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NLO materials have become increasingly indispensable to today’s EO technology. Electro-optics involve these two important technologies (electronics and photonics), and the interdisciplinary field

Laterally azo-bridged h-shaped ferroelectric dimesogens for second-order nonlinear optics: ferroelectricity and second harmonic generation.

Two classes of laterally azo-bridged H-shaped ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLCs), incorporating azobenzene and disperse red 1 (DR-1) chromophores along the FLC polar axes, were synthesized and

Second harmonic generation in laterally azo-bridged H-shaped ferroelectric dimesogens

This contribution describes the analysis of experimental results on second harmonic generation (SHG) in a novel laterally azo-bridged H-shaped ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) 2, incorporating a

Optically polymerizable optically active liquid crystal monomer

The invention discloses an optically polymerizable optically active liquid crystal monomer, which comprises an optically active central molecule having a single acrylic group or double acrylic




Langmuir-Blodgett Films: An Introduction

1. The bulk phases of matter 2. Monolayers: two-dimensional phases 3. Film deposition 4. Monolayer materials 5. Langmuir-Blodgett film structure 6. Electrical phenomena 7. Optical properties

Interaction of light with liquid crystals

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Integrated optics: Theory and technology

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Both monomers are amphiphilic, as they form monolayers at the air/water interface which can be deposited onto solid subtrates with the Langmuir-Blodgett technique