Nonlinear optical effects in artificial materials

  title={Nonlinear optical effects in artificial materials},
  author={Andrei I. Maimistov and Ildar Gabitov},
  journal={The European Physical Journal Special Topics},
Abstract.We consider some nonlinear phenomena in metamaterials with negative refractive index properties. Our consideration includes a survey of previously known results as well as identification of the phenomena that are important for applications of this new field. We focus on optical behavior of thin films as well as multi-wave interactions. 

Nonlinear optical effects in positive-negative refractive index materials

The parametric interaction of electromagnetic waves in a medium with a negative index of refraction is considered. Two cases of Kerr and quadratic nonlinearities are investigated. The properties of

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Extraordinary properties of nonlinear-optical propagation processes are investigated which involve electromagnetic or elastic waves with negative group velocity. Nanostructured materials that support

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Extraordinary properties and unique features of coherent nonlinear-optical coupling of ordinary and backward electromagnetic waves in negative-index metamaterials are described and numerically

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The extraordinary properties of nonlinear optical propagation processes in double-domain positive/negative index metamaterials are reviewed. These processes include second harmonic generation, three-

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Laser oscillation conditions are analyzed in nonlinear composite metamaterials exhibiting a negative index of refraction. It is demonstrated that strong quadratic and cubic nonlinearities can be

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The extraordinary properties of nonlinear optical propagation processes in double-domain positive/negative index metamaterials are reviewed. These processes include second harmonic generation, three-

Forward and backward optical waves in nonlinear metamaterials: Parametric processes

  • A. Maimistov
  • Physics
    2013 IEEE 2nd International Workshop "Nonlinear Photonics" (NLP*2013)
  • 2013
Propagation of the fundamental and third harmonic solitary waves in medium characterized by negative refraction index at the frequency of fundamental wave and by positive refractive index at the

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We study experimentally the nonlinear properties of fishnet metamaterials infiltrated with nematic liquid crystals and find that moderate laser powers result in significant changes of the optical

Coherent effects in a thin film of metamaterial

The refraction is theoretically considered of ultimately short pulses at interface of two dielectrics that contains a thin film of nonlinear metamaterial. For the model of metamaterial composed of



Effect of an optical negative index thin film on optical bistability.

This work investigates nonlinear transmission in a layered structure and finds that a thin layer of NIM leads to significant changes in the hysteresis width when the nonlinear slab is illuminated at an angle near that of total internal reflection.

Guided modes in negative refractive index waveguides

We reveal that guided waves in negative-refraction-index (left-handed) waveguides possess a number of peculiar properties such as the absence of the fundamental modes, mode double degeneracy, and

Discrete self-focusing in nonlinear arrays of coupled waveguides.

We show that a nonlinear array of coupled waveguides can exhibit discrete self-focusing that in the continuum approximation obeys the so-called nonlinear Schrödinger equation. This process has much

Compensating losses in negative-index metamaterials by optical parametric amplification.

Optical parametric amplification controlled by the auxiliary electromagnetic field enables transparency, amplification, and oscillation with no cavity in strongly absorbing negative-index

Subwavelength imaging with opaque nonlinear left-handed lenses

We consider a slab of a composite left-handed metamaterial with quadratic nonlinear response and discuss the properties of opaque nonlinear left-handed lens. We find the conditions when this

Subwavelength imaging with opaque left-handed nonlinear lens

We introduce the concept of subwavelength imaging with an opaque nonlinear left-handed lens by generating the second-harmonic field. We consider a slab of composite left-handed metamaterial with

Photonic crystals

  • I. NefedovM. Marciniak
  • Physics
    International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (Cat. No. 99EX350)
  • 1999
The term photonic crystals appears because of the analogy between electron waves in crystals and the light waves in artificial periodic dielectric structures. During the recent years the

ARTICLES: Boundary-value problems in nonlinear optics of resonant media

A study is made of the problem of transmission of light pulses by a boundary of a nonlinear medium under conditions of coherent interaction with matter. It is shown that in the case of a semiinfinite

Photonic band gap from a stack of positive and negative index materials.

Layered heterostructures combining ordinary and negative refractive index materials are shown to display a new type of photonic band gap corresponding to zero (volume) averaged refractive index.